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Why online courses with the Landscape Academy?

Our Courses are:

Convenient. You can take the classes according to your schedule.

Affordable. We offer everything from beginner to college level material at a fraction of what it would cost to enroll in any classes elsewhere.

Fun! Courses are fun and written in a lively, humorous tone. Our Web links and dictionary take you to sites where you can expand your horizons.

Professional. The Landscape Academy is known as the resource for solid, reliable information for those wanting to become GARDEN DESIGNERS from all over the world. Our new Garden Design online courses reflect our commitment to making GARDEN DESIGN enjoyable for GARDEN DESIGNERS everywhere.

Who Are We?
We are a group of Professional Landscape Architects and Environmentalists, graduates of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. We are eager to make people aware of their environment and their surroundings. We are proud that we can make the world greener through a click of a button.

About us


Upon the request of many people, we have put together all our resources to create a simple garden design course that could help some practice this profession. It was written in an easy language that everyone can grasp.
Hopefully by the time you finish this course, you would be able to practice garden design as a profession. There’s nothing like practice and putting your skills, visions and knowledge into action. Moreover, this program is a summary in terms of knowing how how to create a brand new design into any outdoor space.
This garden design illustrated course will help you develop your ability to sell your ideas and your visions to others.
We have gathered all our energies, effort, knowledge and experience in this program, in order to offer you and all your colleagues the broadest spectrum any course could give you.


What was said about us!

Thanks to you I can practice this profession now. I have been hired by a Landscape Architect and he's very impressed with the knowledge I have through your readings!
I've been looking for a speed course with a concentrated information. Your course was just what I was looking for!